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Conference: Performance, Royalty and the Court, 1500-1800 – London (11-12 April 2019)

The Society for Court Studies

  • Mario Damen: ‘Tournaments and the integration of the nobility in the Habsburg composite state.’

Workshop: Transnationalité à la cour / Transnationalism at Court – Université de Liège (21-22 March 2019)

Third Music and Late Medieval European Court Cultures project workshop

  • Mario Damen: ‘Huizinga again? The nobility and the court of the dukes of Burgundy.’

Workshop : ‘Imagining a territory. The construction and representation of territory in late medieval Europe.’ – Amsterdam (18-19 January 2019)

  • Mario Damen: ‘The sources of territory. A historiographical and methodological approach.’
  • Bram Caers (Leiden University) & Kim Overlaet (University of Amsterdam): ‘The Wars of Grimbergen (mid-12th Century) in Brabo’s Antwerp (13 January 1478): the appropriation of a feudal conflict in a late medieval urban context.’
  • Arend Elias Oostindiër: ‘Brabant à(vant) la carte. The construction of a fiscal space through administrative practice in fourteenth-century Brabant.’

Deutscher Historikertag – Munster(28 September 2018)

  • Mario Damen: ‘The political ranking of the nobles and towns in the Estates of the late medieval duchy of Brabant.’

Middeleeuwen symposium : Heibel en Harmonie rond 1418: vorst, adel en steden op zoek naar nieuwe verhoudingen’ –  Zutphen (8 June 2018)

  • Arend Elias Oostindiër en Kim Overlaet: ‘Brabant à(vant) la carte. Hertogelijke en stedelijke representaties van het hertogdom Brabant in administratieve en literaire bronnen (1356-1500).’

Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America – New Orleans, USA (22-24 March 2018)

SESSION: Imagined Territories. Constructions and Representations of Territories and Boundaries in the Late Medieval Low Countries

  • Mario Damen: ‘Listing Space in the Late Medieval Low Countries.’
  • Kim Overlaet: ‘Between historiography and historical practice: the multiple meanings of the legend of Brabo in late medieval Antwerp.’
  • Arend Elias Oostindiër: ‘Territory as Practice: The Incessant Construction of the Late Medieval Duchy of Brabant.’

23rd Medieval Studies Day: ‘Representations of East and West in the Middle Ages’ – Radboud University Nijmegen (27 October 2017)

  •  Lecture by Arend Elias Oostindiër: ‘Die rechte pael es mi onbekent”. Boundaries and the Limits of Territory in Fourteenth-Century Brabant.’

Congres ‘Festiviteiten in de vroegmoderne Nederlanden’ – Groningen (26-27 October 2017)

  • Lecture by Mario Damen (in Dutch): ‘Toernooien en de integratie van de adel in de Habsburgse samengestelde staat.’

14th International Meeting of the Middle Ages: Exclusion and Social Discipline in the Medieval City in Europe – Escuela de Patrimonio Histórico de Nájera, Spain (9-10 November)

  • ‘Lecture by Mario Damen (English): ‘Noble behaviour and social exclusion at urban jousts and tournaments in the late medieval Low Countries.’

Mobility and Space in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe – University of Oxford (23 June 2017)

  • Keynote lecture by Mario Damen: ‘Listing space and mobility in the late medieval Low Countries.’

International Medieval Congress 2017 – Leeds (3-6 July 2017)

SESSION: Constructions and Representations of Territory in Late Medieval Europe, I

  • Marcus Meer: ‘”Displayed to establish their jurisdiction…”: Heraldic Communication and the Social Construction of Urban Space in Late Medieval Augsburg.’
  • Luca Zenobi: ‘Constructing Borders in Late Medieval Northern Italy: Social Practices and Empowering Interactions.’
  • Sander Govaerts: ‘Armies and the Construction of Territories: The Meuse Region in Theory and Practice.’

SESSION: Constructions and Representations of Territory in Late Medieval Europe, II

    • Mario Damen: ‘The Representation of Noble Space in Late Medieval Brabant.’
    • Kim Overlaet: ‘Urban Space and Territory: The Joyous Entry of Archduke Maximilian in Antwerp, 13th January 1478.’

Reconsidering the Boundaries of Late-Medieval Political Literature: France, Burgundy, and England – Syddansk Universitet (18-19 March 2017)

  • Mario Damen: ‘Political literature and the nobility in the late medieval Low Countries.’

Urban Visual Cultures Workshop – Durham University (22-23 June 2016)

  • Mario Damen: ‘The Visualization of Noble Space: Heraldic Devices in the Town Hall of Brussels.’
  • Kim Overlaet: ‘The Joyous Entry of Archduke Maximilian in Antwerp, 13th January 1478.’
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